Paddle Tennis Lesson Schedule

We are excited to announce paddle tennis lessons for the remainder of the Season.  Carrie has done an amazing job getting beginners started and advancing the games of seasoned players.  We have two options for lessons.  There is a pack of 8 groups lessons (4 players) for $240 or you can pick and choose which lessons for $35 each.  If you cannot make one of times, let us know when you are available and we will help to get a group together.  LESSONS OPEN TO MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS

To reserve your spot email and indicate 1) Package or Each 2) Day and Time 3) Personal Schedule

Lessons: Thursdays 5pm or Friday morning at 11am

Weeks beginning January 18th:
Week 1. Lobs & Overheads
Week 2. Drives & Volleys
Week 3. Screens 101.1
Learning to play off the back screen
Week 4. Screens 101.2
Learning to play off a side screen
Week 5. Screens 102
Learning to play off 2 screens
Week 6. Pick it & Stick it
Offensive net strategy
Week 7.  Reset Button
Defensive net strategy
Week 8. Blitz whaaat?!
Offensive baseline strategy