Edgewood – COVID – 19 & Membership/Tennis Updates

Dear Members:
We have always thought of our members as a family. We are working to keep Edgewood cleaner than we keep our own homes. Your protection and safety is our utmost concern. We do trust that our members are very diligent in cleaning the equipment after they use it, but for the next two weeks we will have a full staff at Edgewood making sure that everything is continually cleaned. If you have any questions or concerns please ask the staff member.
MEMBERSHIP: We would like to thank all of our members that have already taken advantage of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT. Given recent events we have decided to extend that deadline indefinitely.
CAMP: Camp dates are filling quickly. The last day of school is uncertain at this point so we are taking reservations for the first week, beginning June 22nd, and you will not be charged until we know the date.
Tennis Courts: The courts are available to both our members(free) and non-members($10). Everyone is welcome to schedule a court, but we ask that SOCIAL DISTANCING play a role in your decision making process. Edgewood supports all state and federal guidelines.